News & Updates

PDAC 2014 Ferrobamba was present at this year’s PDAC mining convention with a booth and drill core from the Aymaraes Project. Ferrobamba received praise for its very succesful initial drilling campaign. Visitors were able to learn details of the conceptual study for developing a mining operation.

Agreement Signed with Tenova Ferrobamba has signed a cooperation agreement with Tenova to develop its iron ore mine in the Aymaraes region of Peru. The company has chosen Tenova HYL Micro Module technology in order to oversee the technological design and provide the equipment to develop and build a 500,000 t/y pelletization plant and a 250,000 t/y DRI high carbon DRI plant.

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communities relations

local community permits

In order to explore and/or exploit the tenements Peruvian government requires a formal authorization or permit from the landowners in favor of the tenement holders. Ferrobamba's tenements happen to be located in land of the property of a few local communities with whom we are in good relations.

Today Ferrobamba has all the Mandatory Local Communities Permits needed for all the required drilling during the whole exploration phase of the Aymaraes Project.

Ferrombamba's team has been constantly achieving community land permits for the last years in different communities.